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Faculty Exchange


The international partnerships which IIMK enters into have a faculty exchange component, which is expected to be more comprehensive and rewarding than the usual student exchange agreement. In the faculty exchanges, faculty members from IIMK may spend an academic term at the partner institution, which may in turn send their academic staff to IIMK, under mutually agreed terms. The goal of such faculty exchange is not basically to exchange course instructors; rather, it is to develop research linkages of a continuing nature, facilitating access to information and data on a scale and of a qualitative nature not possible otherwise.


Visiting Faculty from the partner institutions are provided with the following facilities in the IIMK Campus:

  1. Free furnished residential accommodation for the period of assignment at the Institute within the campus
  2. Office room with computer and internet connection
  3. Telephone
  4. Free food from the Institute mess during the period of assignment
  5. Tax-free honorarium as per the accepted conditions of the appointment for various teaching activities

Possible Engagement for faculty visiting from partner Institutions

The Visiting Faculty may, apart from teaching in IIMK’s Doctoral Programme (Fellow Programme in Management) and Post-Graduate Programme (PGP) in Management, as per his/her choice, engage in the following activities of IIMK:

  1. Participate in the training programme organized by the Management Development Centre of the Institute
  2. Teach in the Interactive Distance Learning (IDL) platform
  3. Take some modules in the Faculty Development Programme
  4. Undertake research leading to publications
  5. Participate in the Conferences/Seminars organized by the Institute

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