Digital Libraries and personnel training in IT are among the top priority areas in the national agenda for the coming couple of years. Also, owing to the developments in IT/Internet and the recent upsurge of digital information resources/services, there is heavy demand from the users for digital library services nation wide.

With a view to address the above and to offer help to our institutions in developing vibrant Digital Libraries, IIMK has launched a Center for the Development of Digital Libraries (CDDL). The CDDL shall take up assignments and projects for the promotion and creation of Digital Libraries, on a case to case basis. The Center shall offer counseling, consultancy, advise, guidance and also assistance for the development of robust digital library systems to those approaching IIMK on the subject.

Advice and guidelines on developing digital libraries have already been extended to Tata Consultancy services (TCS), Trivandrum; Center for Development Studies (CDS), Trivandrum; IIITMK, Trivandurm; GITAM Engineering College, Vishakapatnam, just a few to mention them. Consultancy services are in progress with Central Coir Research Institute (CCRI); Coir Board, Cochin; WHO New Delhi; and the Institute for Management in Government (IMG), Trivandrum.

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A model of the IIMK Digital Library at digital-library@iimk.

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Dr. M.G. Sreekumar
Head, CDDL

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