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Journal Articles

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Balooni, K. (2014) In search of conservation impact. A comment on Schusser 2012: Who determines bio diversity. An analysis of actors power and interests in community forestry in Namibia  Forest Policy and Economics, Vol.38  pp.227-228
Adhikari, A (2014) Differentiating subjective and objective attributes of experience products to estimate willingness to pay price premium  Journal of Travel Research, Vol.53 Issue.3 pp.1-11
Tiwari, S., Nafees, L., & Krishnan, O (2014) Simulation as a pedagogical tool: Measurement of impact on perceived effective learning  The International Journal of Management Education, Vol.12 Issue.3 pp.260-270
Mukundhan, K. V., & Nandakumar, M. K. (2013) An Isomorphism Perspective to FDI-Based Entry-Mode Strategies of Emerging Market Firms ??????? A Conceptual Model  Strategic Change: Briefings in Entrepreneurial Finance, Vol.22 Issue.5 - 6 pp.259-269
Gangopadhyay, K., & Singh, K. (2013) Extent of Poverty in India: A different dimension  Economic and Political weekly, Vol.48 Issue.6 pp.75-83
Anand, G., Mazumdar, P., & Muthusubramanian, S. (2013) Graph theoretic approach for analysing the readiness of an organisation for adapting lean thinking: A case study  International Journal of Organizational Analysis, Vol.21 Issue.3 pp.396-427
Gangopadhyay, K. (2013) Interview with Eugene H. Stanley  IIMK Society & Management Review, Vol.2 Issue.2 pp.73 - 78
Sethi, D., & Sanchita, G. (2013) Netiquette: An Exploratory Study of Actual Usage and Agreed Upon Norms in India  Journal Scholars World - IRMJCR Online, Vol.1 Issue.3 pp.129
Adhikari, A., Basu, A., & Raj, S. P. (2013) Pricing of experience products under Consumer Heterogeneity.  International Journal of Hospitality Management Issue.33 pp.1 - 6
Chawla, V., & Guda, S. (2013) Workplace Spirituality as a Precursor to Relationship-Oriented Selling Characteristics  Journal of Business Ethics, Vol.115 Issue.1 pp.63-73
Paul, A., & Erdelez, S. (2013) Implementation and Use of Web Analytics for Academic Library Websites.   World Digital Libraries, Vol.6 Issue.2 pp.115-132
Sett, R. K. (2013) A product and a price bundle in an efficient choice set: How dochoice framing and goal orientation influence preferences?,   Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, , Vol.22, issue (3)   
Anand, G., Mazumdar, P., & Muthusubramanian, S. (2013) Graph theoretic approach for analysing the readiness of an organisation for adapting lean thinking: A case study.   International Journal of Organizational Analysis, Vol.21 Issue.3 pp.396-427
Anand, G., Soni, G., Prakash, S., & Badhotiya, G. K. (2013) Review on Supply Chain Management Research - an Indian perspective.  IIM Kozhikode Society & Management Review, Vol.2 Issue.1 pp.1-9
Raj, S. A., Sudheer, A., Vinodh, S. & Anand, G. (2013) A mathematical model to evaluate the role of agility enablers and criteria in a manufacturing environment.  International Journal of Production Research, Vol.51 Issue.19 pp.5971-5984.
Chandrashekar, A., Anand, G., & Gopalakrishnan, N. (2013) Business process re-engineering through lean thinking ? A case study.   Journal of Enterprise Transformation, Vol.4 Issue.2 pp.123-150
Chowdhury, S., & Mukherjee, S. P. (2013) Estimation of traffic intensity based on queue length in a single M/M/1 queue  Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods,, Vol.42 Issue.13 pp.2376-2390
Gopalakrishnan, N., & Anand, G. (2013) Launch of Roulette ? A Premium Brandy in India by JDPL, Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies   pp.doi:10.1108/EEMCS-06-2013-0088
Chawla, V, Guda, S. (2013) Workplace spirituality as a precursor to relationship-oriented selling characteristics  Journal of Business Ethics, Vol.115 Issue.1 pp.63-73
Shukla, M., & Jharkharia, S. (2013) Applicability of ARIMA models in wholesale vegetable market: an investigation  International Journal of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management, Vol.6 Issue.3 pp.105-119

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