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Journal Articles

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Pawar, B. S. (2008) Two approaches to workplace spirituality facilitation: A comparison and implications  Leadership & Organization Development Journal, Vol.29 Issue.6 pp.544-567
Velayudhan, S. K., & Rani, L. (2008) Understanding consumer's attitude towards retail store in stockout situations  Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, Vol.20 Issue.3 pp.259-275
Sridhar, G. (2008) When in Rome, do as the Romans do: Product adaptation in rural markets- preliminary findings  Vidwat, Vol.1 Issue.1 pp.32-38
Chakravarty, D. (2007) Docile Oriental Women and the Organized Labour: A case study of the Indian garment industry, Indian Journal of Gender Studies.   
Chakravarty, D. (2007) Docile Oriental Women and the Organized Labour: A case study of the Indian garment industry, Indian Journal of Gender Studies   
Purani, K. & Sahadev, S. (2007) The Moderating Role ofIndustrialExperience in the Job Satisfaction, Intention to Lean Relationship: An Empirical Study among Salesmen in India,Jornal of Business and Industrial Marketing   
Suresh, R. P., Abdul Sathar, E. I. & Nair, M. (2007) Vector-valued bivariate Gini Index for truncated distributions, Statistical Papers   
Sridhar, G. (2007) Consumer Involvement in Product Choice - Role of Perceived Risk, Decision.   
Balooni, K., & Inoue, M. (2007) Decentralized forest management in South and Southeast Asia  Journal of Forestry [Society of American Foresters, Vol.105 Issue.8 pp.414- 420
Balooni, K., Ballabh, V., & Inoue, M. (2007) Declining instituted collective management practices and forest quality in central Himalayas  Economic and Political Weekly, Vol.42 Issue.16 pp.1143-1152
Nandakumar, P., Batavia, B., & Wague, C. (2007) Does the stock market matter for the determination of bond yields?  Journal of International Finance and Economics, Vol.6 Issue.1 
Nandakumar, P., & Batavia, B. (2007) Expected purchasing power parity, budget imbalances and the Euro-Dollar exchange rate  Journal of International Business and Economics, Vol.7 Issue.1 
Purani, K., & Nair, Satish. (2007) Knowledge community: Integrating ICT into social development in developing economies  Ai & Society (Springer-Verlag, London),, Vol.21 Issue.3 pp.329-345
Jeyavelu, S. (2007) Organizational identity and sustainable competitive advantage: Combining resource based view and configuration approach.  International Journal of Management Practices & Contemporary Thought, Vol.2 Issue.2 pp.80-88
Kumar, S. S. S. (2007) Price pressure hypothesis: Evidence from S&P CNX Nifty index changes  Metamorphosis, Vol.6 Issue.1 pp.9-32
Balooni, K., & Singh, K. (2007) Prospects and problems of afforestation of wastelands in India: A synthesis of macro and micro perspectives  Geoforum (Elsevier), Vol.38  pp.1276- 1289
Jharkharia, S., & Shankar, R. (2007) Selection of logistics service provider: An analytic network process Approach  Omega, The International Journal of Management Science, Vol.35  pp.274-289
Kumar, S. S. S. (2007) Short and long-run performance of bookbuilt IPOs in India  Impact, Vol.2 Issue.2 pp.19-29
Chatterjee, D., & Srivastava, B. N. (2007) The concept of newness  International Journal of Management Concepts and Philosophy, Vol.2 Issue.3 pp.240-245
Nandakumar, P., Batavia, B., & Wague, C. (2007) The IT sector the income convergence hypothesis and the human development Index  International Journal of Business Research, Vol.7 Issue.2 

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