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Sony Thomas (2019) IIMK/CS/112/FIN/2019/05Buffet Partnership Fees Structure: Is it ideal fee structure for fund management?   

Sony Thomas (2019) IIMK/CS/111/FIN/2019/04Returns from Pension Schemes: A Reality Check   

Anjan Kumar Swain (2019) IIMK/CS/110/ITS/2019/02Teaching Analytic Hierarchy Process   

Praveen Sugathan (2019) IIMK/CS/109/MM/2019/17Identifying the Brand Associations for Herbo Project   

Jijo Lukose P.J. (2019) IIMK/CS/108/FIN/2019/03IDFC Bank and Capital First – A Case of Merger Arbitrage   

Anjan Kumar Swain (2019) IIMK/CS/107/ITS/2019/01Amrutham Nutrimix: A Case Study Exemplifying Women Empowerment   

SSS Kumar, Sony Thomas (2019) IIMK/CS/106/FIN/2019/02A Prospective Retiree’s Dilemma   

Atanu Adhikari (2019) IIMK/CS/105/MM/2019/16Questionnaire design for market research in Research Instrument Developer (RID)   

Rachappa Shette (2019) IIMK/CS/104/FIN/2019/01Cash Flows Statement: Two Examples   

Deva Prasad M (2019) IIMK/CS/103/HLM/2019/01Legal Issues in Contract Management   

Anubha Shekhar Sinha (2019) IIMK/CS/103/STR/2019/01What is Strategic Management? - Understanding through Role-Play   

Guda Sridhar & Anjan Kumar Swain (2019) IIMK/CS/102/MM/2019/17Zida Corporation   

Guda Sridhar & Anjan Kumar Swain (2019) IIMK/CS/101/MM/2019/16Zenith Pharma   

Praveen Sugathan (2019) IIMK/CS/100/MM/2019/15Yphone plan design   

Priya Nair Rajeev & Jatin Pandey (2018) IIMK/CS/99/OB & HR/2018/14Different Styles for Different Times   

Krishnan Jeesha & Keyoor Purani (2018) IIMK/CS/98/MM/2018/13Capital Budgeting: Maledia Broadcasting Ltd   

Sony Thomas (2018) IIMK/CS/97/FIN/2018/12Fund Management Fee: A Beast in the Long Term Portfolio   

Omkumar Krishnan, Lubna Nafees (2018) IIMK/CS/96/MM/2018/11 Understanding Decision making in B2B Branding environment: A Case Study of an Indian SME company   

L. L. Ramachandran, R. Radhakrishna Pillai, & M.P. Sebastian (2018) IIMK/CS/95/ITS/2018/10Making IT happen @ SBI: Defining new paradigms in Banking Process through World’s Largest Core Banking Implementation   

Sony Thomas (2018) IIMK/CS/94/FIN/2018/09Pay Up, But Dont Overpay   

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