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Working Papers

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Deva Prasad M (2018) IIMK/WPS/285/HLA/2018/29Arbitration and Conciliation (Amendment) Act, 2015: An Analysis of Impact on Commercial Disputes Resolution in India   

Krishnan Jeesha, Sumod S D, Prashant Premkumar & Shovan Chowdhury (2018) IIMK/WPS/284/QM&OM/2018/28Does Story Really Matter In The Movie Industry? : Pre-Production Stage Predictive Models   

Atanu Adhikari (2018) IIMK/WPS/283/MM/2018/27Managing Promise for Competitive Marketing Advantage   

Atanu Adhikari (2018) IIMK/WPS/282/MM/2018/26Stochastic Consumer Behavior and Brownian Motion   

Pankaj Kumar Baag & Kavitha P (2018) IIMK/WPS/281/FIN/2018/25The case of a rural branch of an Indian Public Sector Bank: Innovation through Learning and Thinking Lean with a Managerial Performance Perspective   

Jimut Bahan Chakrabarty, Shovan Chowdhury, & Soumya Roy (2018) IIMK/WPS/280/QM&OM/2018/24Optimum Life Test Plans in Presence of Type-I Hybrid Censoring for Products Sold under General Rebate Warranty   

Rajesh Srinivas Upadhyayula (2018) IIMK/WPS/279/SM/2018/23Responses to Institutional Voids - Clusters and Business Groups - Substitutes or Complements?   

Thangamani Gurunathan (2018) IIMK/WPS/278/QM&OM/2018/22Reliability and Availability Assessment of a Complex System Using GSPN Methodology   

Suram Balasubrahmanyam (2018) IIMK/WPS/277/SM/2018/21Business Expansion and Market Multiplication through Strategic Ecosystem Orientation   

Suram Balasubrahmanyam (2018) IIMK/WPS/276/SM/2018/20Vertical Farming: A Resource Leverage Perspective   

Anupam Das & Shriram Venkatraman (2018) IIMK/WPS/275/HLA/2018/19A Social Entrepreneurial Experiment with Kantha - A Shift from Traditions to Trends for Millennials   

Thangamani Gurunathan (2018) IIMK/WPS/275/QM&OM/2018/19Markov Model for Assessment of Availability Measures of Wind Turbine   

Anindita Paul, Krishnan TN, & Hugh Scullion (2018) IIMK/WPS/274/ITS/2018/18Career Progression of Women in the Indian IT Sector: Matching Talent Management Practices and Employee Perspectives   

Anindita Paul (2018) IIMK/WPS/273/ITS/2018/17Exploring Doctoral Community Social Media Preparedness for a B-School Using A Socio-Technical Lens   

Kavitha P. & Pankaj Kumar Baag (2018) IIMK/WPS/272/FIN/2018/16Crowdfunding for Entrepreneurs- analysis of the Institutional Work   

Manoranjan Dhal (2018) IIMK/WPS/271/OB&HR/2018/15Non-regular workers in Japan: issues and challenges of new economic order   

Manoranjan Dhal (2018) IIMK/WPS/270/OB&HR/2018/14Challenges of trade union in Japanese automobile sector in the liberalized economy   

M. Jayasree & Rachappa Shette (2018) IIMK/WPS/269/FIN/2018/13Readability of MD&A and Operating Performance of Banking Companies   

Reddy Sai Shiva & Kaushik Gangopadhyay (2018) IIMK/WPS/268/EA/2018/12Temptation in purchasing decision: A Quasi Experiment to Validate the Set Betweenness axiom   

Sandeep S & Rajesh Srinivas Upadhyayula (2018) IIMK/WPS/267/STR/2018/11Internationalization of emerging market firms: the role of Domestic agglomerations in reducing liability of origin   

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