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Business Museum

IIM Kozhikode, during the end of 2010, has embarked on an ambitious programme to create a Museum of Indian Business History which will be first of its kind, unique, monumental and a significant step in acknowledging the contribution of India’s business leaders in the making of India. The ancient and historical city of Kozhikode (earlier known as Calicut), located in the southern most part of the country, made history when Vasco Da Gama landed here for the first time around 500 years ago. Trade, Commerce, Business Corporate and the Industry have varied as well as rich tradition and a vast history in the Indian sub-continent, yet there are no business history museums or archives attempted/ created so far in India. All these vouched the dire need for a national Business History Museum for India.

The Institute takes pride in announcing that the first ever Business Museum of India, which has been under creation at IIMK for the past one year, is ready for opening. The first phase of the Museum work has been completed. All works pertaining to the various theme-based sections of Museum, such as the ancient, medieval, colonial, pre-independence, post-independence, business sector, public sector, banking sector, technology sector, individual contributors, makers of modern India etc. are completed.

The Institute has spent close to Rs. 1.5 Crores to complete the first phase. The Malabar Chamber of Commerce also generously donated to the Museum by sponsoring the Malabar Pavilion and a large model of the Uru, the ancient ship which was used for trade and commerce between India and the rest of the world. The Museum spans over 23000 sq. ft. area.

It is a pleasure to report that the Phase I of the Museum work is completed and the Museum is ready for Inauguration. Over half a dozen of top level corporate from India have set up their own exclusive pavilions in the Museum and already TATA, Godrej, Reliance, SBI, Infosys and FACT have already made their presence. Bajaj, Sahara Group and ICICI Bank are joining the Museum soon.

On July 6, 2012 Dr. D. Subbarao, the Hon’ble Governor of the RBI inaugurated the RBI Gallery in the Indian Business Museum. RBI Gallery is one of the significant sections in the Business Museum. The Gallery speaks of the evolution of the reserve bank as well as the origins and history of the financial system in India.

ISRO is also will be joining the Museum with the ISRO Pavilion.

The theme of the Museum was unveiled by Shri Oommen Chandy, the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Kerala, in the presence of the Cabinet Ministers and Prof. Debashis Chatterjee on 18 August 2011.

Prof. Debashis Chatterjee, Director IIM Kozhikode takes this opportunity to urge the corporate houses, business leaders and historical collectors in the country to generously donate business related historical artifacts, objects, sculptures, models, photographs, documents, illustrations etc. and the receipt of which will be befittingly acknowledged, documented and carefully preserved in the Museum.

Donors are requested to forward the items/enquiries to The Convener, Indian Business Museum, Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode, IIMK Campus P.O., CALICUT – 673 570, INDIA (Phone: Off. 0495-2809140; Mob. 09447654066; Email: mgsree@iimk.ac.in).

The Vision

The Vision has been to create a world class national Museum of Indian Business History at the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode (IIMK), which shall shape the aspiration of young entrepreneurs and propel business entrepreneurship in the country.

The Mission

The Mission has been to collect, display and preserve an outstanding collection of artifacts, objects, sculptures, photographs, historical documents, letters, miniature models, videos, audios, digital objects, books etc., showcasing the wealth of Indian Business History; To portray and display systematically the development of trade, commerce and business in the Indian subcontinent over the past several centuries; To inspire and ignite the entrepreneurial skills and business innovation among the talented youth of India; and, To collect, display and preserve the memorabilia of Indian Trade, Commerce and Business for the posterity.

The objective has been to acknowledge befittingly and consciously recognize the contribution of India’s business leaders/ corporate in the making of India; To inculcate the spirit of innovation and business entrepreneurship among the youth of India; To inspire the aspiring and budding business entrepreneurs in India.

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Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode
IIMK Campus P. O., Kozhikode, Kerala,
PIN - 673 570

Phone: +91-495-2809100
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