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Students' Affairs

About Students' Affairs

The office of Students' Affairs of the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode (IIMK) serves in the best interests of the Institute and promotes the welfare of the students. We work for upholding the highest principles of morality, justice, equality, liberty and fraternity. The Students' Affairs Chairperson is a member of the Faculty of IIM Kozhikode, appointed to the post by the Director of IIM Kozhikode. He / she is the patron of the Students' Council and protector of the Constitution. In all matters concerning the Students' Council, the Student Bodies and the Students in general, his / her advice shall be sought and acted upon. He / she shall empower the Students' Council to carry on its duties and responsibilities to the best of its abilities in conformance with the Constitution.

  1. Year: Year shall refer to the academic year.
  2. Student: A student is one who has registered for and is pursuing the Post Graduate Programme (PGP) in Management during an academic year.
  3. Volunteer: (a) For elections: Any student who is interested in joining any Committee and expresses his consent to be a part of the election process. (b) For events: Any student who expresses his consent on his own free will to be a part of an event and offers his services to achieve the objectives of that event.
  4. Charter: The charter of a student body refers to the roles and responsibilities of the student body as set out in the appendices.
  5. Committee: The term 'Committee' means an association of students which has been recognized by the Students' Affairs Chairperson, placed under the supervision of a Faculty Coordinator and constituted to perform a clearly defined set of duties and functions. For the purpose of this constitution, 'Committee' does not include the Placements Committee.
  6. Committee Member: A 'Committee Member' (hereinafter referred to as 'Member') is defined as a student representative primarily responsible for achieving the objectives outlined in the charter of that Committee in Appendix I.
  7. Interest Group: The term 'Interest Group' means a group of students, which has been recognized by the SAC, the PGP Chairperson and the Area Chair of a related Academic Area, constituted to promote activities in developing and furthering interest in the related academic area or career path. The Area Chair of the related Academic Area also functions as the Faculty Coordinator of the Interest Group.
  8. Interest Group Coordinator: An Interest Group Coordinator (hereinafter referred to as 'Coordinator') is defined as a student representative primarily responsible for achieving the objectives outlined in the charter of that Interest Group in Appendix II.
  9. Club: The term 'Club' means an informal group of students promoting a certain activity of essentially extra-curricular nature.
  10. Student Bodies: All Committees, Interest Groups and Clubs are collectively referred to as 'Student Bodies' and separately constitute a 'Student Body'.
  11. Faculty Coordinator: The Faculty Coordinator is an advisor and guide for each Student Body. The faculty coordinator supervises the functioning of the respective Student Body and provides direction to them wherever necessary.

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